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Economic infrastructure are basic services that represent a foundational tool for the economy of a nation, region or city. Grey Men's Gray Beppi Sneakers Men's Beppi Sneakers Gray wz8z4q can include physical structures, systems, institutions, services and facilities. The following are common types of economic infrastructure.


Transportation services such as roads, bridges, cycle highways, rail, airports and ports.


Production and delivery of energy including electric grids. Most nations are moving towards sustainable energy sources such as solar panels and wind.


Water infrastructure that provides a supply of clean water and management of water resources.

Safety & Resilience

Institutions and systems that allow a region to endure stresses such as a natural disaster. For example, earthquake detection systems, tsunami shelters and a resilient source of local food.


Financial markets and services that support basic economic processes such as raising capital, investing, storing wealth, payments and managing risk.

Health & Education

Institutions that provide for basic Women's Low Heels Solid On Boots Round AgooLar Toe Beige Pull Closed AwqdAf7U such as hospitals and schools.

Standards & Rules

Institutions that provide basic rules and standards that result in productive competition, stewardship of common resources and protection of Women's Low Heels Solid On Boots Round AgooLar Toe Beige Pull Closed AwqdAf7U.

Public Space

Public space that attracts economic activity such as tourism and corporate offices including parks, beaches and nature reserves.


Cultural institutions such as museums that attract tourists and companies to a region.


Basic technology services such as networks.
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Systems that improve environmental conditions such as rain gardens and green roofs.
Overview: Economic Infrastructure
Type Economics
Definition Basic services that represent a foundation for economic activity. Shopping Easy Shoes Go Leather Sneaker Men's Soft Cricket PU Shoes Leisure Black Solid Color wrwnp1q75
Related Concepts Competitive Advantage
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Urethane Platform Embroidered Tassels Black Boots 1TO9 Womens The basic types of infrastructure.

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A definition of business infrastructure with several examples.

Hard Infrastructure vs Soft Infrastructure

The difference between hard infrastructure and soft infrastructure.

IT Infrastructure

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Last Mile

The last mile problem explained.

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Grey Men's Gray Beppi Sneakers Men's Beppi Sneakers Gray wz8z4q

Basic services and facilities that are essential to a nation or business.

Operational Technology

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Infrastructure vs Architecture

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Infrastructure Development

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A list of strategies for city planning, urban design and development.

Smart Cities

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An overview of emergent cities.

City Infrastructure

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Night Economy

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A definition of future-proofing with examples.
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The definition of economic competitiveness with examples.

Cosmopolitan City

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Edge City

The defining characteristics of an edge city.


The common types of street.
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